Fort Knox, KY Ride

June 17, 2006

Mike Kurdziolek was stationed at Fort Knox in the early 1980's while in the military. He has wanted to make a trip back to visit the base and pick up some items at the PX. It was decided to make a bike ride out of it and also visit the Patton Museum.

The weather was sunny and warm when we met just south of Bedford. Mike led us down scenic 2-lane highways. Some dumbass in a beater turned in front of Mike in Paoli, but Mike was alert and drama was averted. We made a pitstop for pop as it was starting to get hot. We crossed the Ohio River on an older bridge that gave us a great view.

The Patton Museum was interesting. Lots of displays and facts, and a nice gift shop. We left there and went on base. I had never been to Fort Knox before. It was fun to ride around the base with Mike as the tour guide. We ate on base and noted that in two months to the day we would be going on our Kentucky trip.

Motorcycle trips are like big-hootered can never get enough. Soon we were back in Bedford dreaming of our next ride.